Best answer: What is the temperature of the seawater that comes from the Philippines?

The water temperature in this location is 86°F.

What is the temperature of the sea water that comes from the Philippines?

Philippines water temperature today

Sea water temperature throughout Philippines warms above 20°C and it is enough for a comfortable bath. The warmest sea temperature in Philippines today is 30.3°C (in Cantilan), and the coldest water temperature is 28.2°C (Kulase).

Is the water in the Philippines cold or warm?

Answer Expert Verified. The waters of the Philippines are mostly warm, especially at sea level this is due to the country’s location on the planet. The nation lies above the Equator and enjoys the year-round tropical weather.

What is the average water temperature in Philippines?

Average annual water temperature on the coast in Manila is 84°F, by the seasons: in winter 81°F, in spring 84°F, in summer 85°F, in autumn 84°F. Minimum water temperature (79°F) in Manila it happens in February, maximum (88°F) in May.

What temperature is it safe to swim in the sea?

A brief guide to water temperatures in open water

Temperature Technical term
15 to 20 degrees Alright (once you get used to it)
20 to 25 degrees Balmy
25 to 30 degrees Stifling
30 degrees plus Hot
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Can you swim 14 degree water?

The minimum water temperature at which wetsuits are optional is 14 degrees C. At temperatures less than 11 degrees C, no swim takes place. At the following water temperatures the maximum swim distances are mandatory: 13 degrees C – 200om; 12 degrees C – 1000m; 11 degrees C – 500m.

What can you say about the temperature of the bodies of water in the vicinity of the Philippines is it warm or cold Brainly?

Answer: The water in Philippines are mostly warm.

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