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It is subjective to say whether Taiwan is better than Thailand as it depends on personal preferences. Both countries have their unique attractions and experiences to offer. For instance, Thailand has more coastline and a tropical climate, making it a prime destination for beach activities. On the other hand, Taiwan has good beaches, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling in the southeast. Additionally, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with a king and elected leaders while Taiwan is a democracy. Therefore, it’s best to research both countries’ attractions and decide which one suits your interests better.

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Based on the available information, it is difficult to definitively state whether Taiwan is better than Thailand as it depends on individual preferences and priorities. However, we can compare the two countries across different categories to help you make an informed decision.

Category Taiwan Thailand
Geography Taiwan is a standalone island and does not share any land border with other countries. It is more mountainous than Thailand, with the highest peak reaching 3,952 meters at the Jade Mountain. Thailand shares land borders with other countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It is relatively flat and has many beaches and islands.
Currency Taiwan uses New Taiwan dollars (TWD), with $1 USD equaling roughly 31 TWD as of January 2023. Compared to other parts of Asia, Taiwan is a bit more expensive but still relatively cheap. Thailand uses Thai baht (THB), with $1 USD equaling roughly 31 THB as of March 2023. It is known to be a cheap country to visit compared to its neighbors and globally.
Tourism In 2019, Taiwan received 12 million tourists, while Thailand received 40 million tourists. Thailand is more popular among Western tourists and has more resorts, services, and amenities aimed at international tourists. Taiwan has many tourist attractions, such as night markets, scenic national parks, and historical landmarks. It is a good destination for those interested in Taiwanese culture and cuisine.
Culture Taiwanese culture is influenced by Chinese, Japanese, and indigenous cultures. It has a rich history and is known for its food, night markets, and traditional festivals. Thai culture is influenced by Buddhism, and its architecture, food, and customs reflect this. It is known for its temples, festivals, and hospitality.
Safety Taiwan is generally considered a safe country to visit, with low crime rates and good infrastructure. Thailand has a higher crime rate than Taiwan, particularly in tourist areas. Travelers should be cautious and take necessary precautions.
Cost of Living Taiwan is relatively affordable compared to Western countries, but more expensive than Southeast Asian countries. Thailand is known for its low cost of living, with affordable food, transportation, and accommodation.
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In conclusion, both Taiwan and Thailand have their own unique characteristics and attractions. It ultimately depends on your personal preferences and interests when deciding which country is better for you to visit or live in.

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Thailand is quite a bit more popular than Taiwan among tourists. In 2019, Thailand received 40 million tourists, while Taiwan received 12 million. Thailand is also noticeably more popular among Western tourists and has far more resorts, services, and amenities aimed at international tourists.

Thailand is cheaper to visit than Taiwan in almost every category. However, Taiwan is more affordable to visit than many developed countries.

Taiwan is considerably pricier than Thailand, but it is still a relatively cheap destination if you’re coming from countries like the USA or UK. Your holiday here can easily be done on a budget if you choose to stay in the most basic accommodation, costing below $20 a night. Staying in more upscale hotels usually won’t be less than $100 a night. On average, you should budget around $800 per person for one week’s holiday.

The sad truth is that a disturbing number of people in the world think Taiwan and Thailand are the same country. Taiwanese post offices even have a stamp that says “incorrectly mailed to Thailand”! Yes, I know both countries are in Asia and start with “Tai.” But do I really need to get out a map? I’ve written this article not only to remind everyone that these two countries exist and are different but also, just for fun, to compare various aspects of Thailand and Taiwan. I’ll cover their cuisines, cultures, economies, and more. I realize you may also be here to decide which country is better for traveling to or living in, so I hopefully this article will also help you decide on that. Table of Contents.

Taiwan is a small country with well-developed infrastructure. Going around different places in Taiwan, from north to south, can be super convenient. Taiwan has high speed rail (HSR) that can bring you from north (Taipei) to south (Kaohsiung) in less than 3 hours. There are local trains as well that can bring you to the smaller towns throughout the island. We have tried taking local trains from Taipei to Fulong beach and also from Taipei to Taroko Gorge. The trains are very reliable, clean and comfortable.

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What is the difference between Taiwan and Thailand?
While Thailand still ranks as one of the world’s top tourist destinations (and deservedly so), Taiwan has emerged as a travel destination in its own right, and nowadays even casual travelers can differentiate between Taiwan and Thailand despite the fact that both nations start with the letter T and are located in Asia.

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Also question is: is the Taiwan/Thailand thing still a thing in Taiwan? Indeed, the Taiwan/Thailand thing was so common as to have become something of an in-joke among western expats living in Taiwan. Those days are by and large behind us.

Is Taiwan better for mountain climbing than Thailand?
At 2,565 meters, Thailand’s tallest Doi Inthanon is around 2/3 as high. So while visiting hill tribes in Northern Thailand is amazing, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that where hiking and mountain climbing is concerned, Taiwan offers more challenge and is the better destination for serious mountain climbers.

In respect to this: what is the difference between Taiwan dollar and Thai baht? While the Thai Baht and Taiwan Dollar have roughly the same exchange value at the bank, the Baht has about 35% more local buying power than the Taiwan Dollar. While it’s possible to be a budget traveler in Taiwan, Thailand is made for budget travel. This Round Goes to Thailand!

What is better Thailand or Taiwan?
While Taiwan has pretty good beaches, scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling (especially in the southeast), Thailand has way more coastline to explore and a more tropical climate, making it a prime destination for people looking for beach activities.

Besides: Is there a difference between Taiwanese and Thai?
In a nutshell: Thais practice Buddhism and their culture has been influenced by India, China, and other Southeast Asian cultures. Taiwanese practice a combination of Daoism, Buddhism and folk religion, and their culture is similar to China’s, but with influences from aboriginals and Japanese.

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Is Taiwan hotter than Thailand? As far as climate is concerned, subtropical Taiwan has a cooler winter than tropical Thailand, but both have longish hot and humid seasons. Thailand, being connected to Asia can be ridden to, obviously, whereas Taiwan, being an island, cannot.

Considering this: Why Taiwan is so powerful?
And not only does Taiwan hold a vital geostrategic position, it’s also a thriving hub for international trade, making it a very critical global supply chain partner. Last year, Taiwan became the world’s sixteenth largest trading economy with trade exceeding $800 billion U.S. for the first time in Taiwan’s history.

Is life in Taiwan good? In Taiwan, expats are particularly happy with the high quality of life, the ease of settling in, and their personal finances. Taiwan does best in the Quality of Life Index (2nd), only beaten by Spain, and makes it into the top 10 for many related factors.

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