Does Filipino have high literacy rate?

Based on a report by United Nations, the Philippines has the highest literacy rate at 97.95 percent among Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The literacy rate is 98.9 percent among females and 97 percent among males aged 15-24.

What is the literacy rate of Philippines?

Literacy Rate

Literacy rate (%)
15-24 years 99.1 98.9
15 years and older

Does early Filipinos have high literacy rate?

The early Filipinos DID NOT have a literacy rate. The reason behind this was that, the Filipinos did concentrate more or unskilled work like gathering food and hunting etc. They were more inclined towards earning a livelihood instead of gaining knowledge.

What is the literacy rate of our country?

In the censuses prior to 1991, children below five years of age were necessarily treated as illiterates. The results of 2011 census reveal that there has been an increase in literacy in the country. The literacy rate in the country is 74.04 per cent, 82.14 for males and 65.46 for females.

What is the rank of Philippines in terms of education?

Read on to find out about the top universities in the Philippines, student cities, applications and more. Not only is the Philippines a beautiful country, it also has one of the best higher education systems in Asia, ranked 46th in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings.

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What country has the lowest literacy rate?

The countries with the lowest literacy rate, defined as the ability to read and write at a specified age. The figures given are from 2015, the last year in which UNESCO did a global analysis.

Lowest Literacy Rates.

1. South Sudan 27.0%
2. Afghanistan 28.1
3. Niger 28.7
4. Burkina Faso 28.7
5. Mali 33.4
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