Does Indonesia export coal to China?

Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) said the country exported 175 million tonnes (mt) of coal from January to May 2020. … In 2019, Indonesian companies exported 29% of their coal to China and 23% to India.

Is China buying coal from Indonesia?

Indonesia’s coal miners signed a $1.5 billion supply deal with China in November.

What companies sell coal to China?

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  • China Coal Energy.
  • China Kingho Group.
  • China National Coal Group.
  • China Shenhua Energy.
  • China United Coalbed Methane.
  • CITIC Resources.
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Does Indonesia export coking coal?

India and China are on Indonesia’s doorstep and this location means the country could deliver coking coal at a lower cost than other large exporters like Australia and the US. “World steel consumption is projected to increase by about 40% between 2012 and 2020,” said Paladino at Coaltrans Asia.

Which country buys most of Australia’s coal?

In 2019, Australia exported $64 billion worth of coal. Japan was Australia’s largest customer, accounting for 27 per cent of our total coal exports (worth $17 billion). China came in second, accounting for 21 per cent of our coal exports (worth $13.7 billion).

Does China buy coal from us?

China continued to buy large quantities of coal from the United States in March, moving it closer to meeting its obligations under the US-China trade deal and replacing Australian coal exports that were banned in October.

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Why is China banning Australian coal?

With China said to be angry at Australia for calling for an international investigation into the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic, it implemented a de facto ban on imports of Australian coal, leaving scores of ships stranded and tens of thousands of tons of coal unsold.

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