Does Taobao ship to Vietnam?

Does Taobao deliver to Vietnam?

Comment on Taobao Global Direct Shipping: Review and Guide by Eric. Hi,Most of the seller do not ship directly to Vietnam,even if they do,the shipping cost is really high,so I suggest you request a refund and then find a taobao agent.

Does Taobao deliver worldwide?

Taobao’s official international shipping only supports,, and Tmall.

What Taobao Cannot ship?

Prohibited Items: Include guns, knives, radioactive and explosives items, gaseous materials, chemicals and toxic substances, but also water guns, bb guns, etc. Examples of such prohibited items: Nike shoes, Gucci belts, Chanel bags etc.

Can you order from Taobao in Europe?

Taobao europe is the only authorized seller of this product in the united states, canada, and other countries in north america and the u. S. A. R. I. D. Taobao. … Besides finding good quality brands, you’ll also get plenty of discounts when you shop for item that you desired during big sales.

Does Taobao ship to France?

6) We ship to your address in France, using our recommended Shipping Methods! DHL offers us discounts so you can save more in shipping with us! … SF Express is like the DHL of China which offers low cost express shipping service.

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Does Taobao have an English version?

Taobao. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s the Chinese online shopping platform full of everything you could possibly need and more, and all at very decent prices. Our only gripe as English speakers is that the site doesn’t have an English version (at least not yet).

Is Taobao safe to buy from?

Yes. It is safe to buy from Taobao. However, the marketplace is so huge that there could be unscrupulous sellers hawking counterfeit products and fake goods.

Is Taobao shipping free?

Good news! Taobao has introduced a Free Shipping Zone where you can enjoy free shipping for certain products to your doorstep in Singapore. There’s usually a minimum spend of ¥299 (~S$60.70) for products within this Free Shipping Zone section to qualify.

Why do people buy from Taobao?

Attractive deals. Sales of Taobao for shopping from China help to heighten customer curiosity about online shopping. … The most extreme offer on Taobao is “instant kill” where, due to huge discounts, very few units are up for sale at a crazy low price.

Do you need an account for Taobao?

The starting point of becoming a Taobao shopper is registering for an account at (If you’ve decided to use exclusively a Taobao agent rather than shopping directly, a registration will not be necessary.)

How can I buy things from Taobao?

How To Buy From Taobao To Singapore In 3 Steps:

  1. Register For A Taobao Account. Download the Taobao app and you’ll be prompted to grant the app permission to access your camera, gallery and location. …
  2. Choose A Product. Now that you’ve set up your Taobao account, we can begin the fun part: Shopping! …
  3. Checkout Your Taobao Cart.
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