How can I apply for nursing in USA from Philippines?

How can I become a nurse in USA from Philippines?

Hold an NCLEX-RN Exam Certificate (the NCLEX-RN Exam is the standard entry-to-practice exam for Registered Nurses in the United States). You must have a Bachelors Degree or equivalent in the Philippines to work in the USA and have passed the NCLEX-RN Exam. The NCLEX-RN Exam can be taken all over the world!

Can Filipino nurses work in the US?

In short, yes! The Visa Bulletin has shown that many more in nurses in the Philippines are now eligible to find work in the USA. This means that now is the ideal time to pass those all-important NCLEX and IELTS exams to ensure your readiness to make the move.

How can I become a registered nurse in USA?

Steps to Becoming a Registered Nurse

  1. Complete Prerequisites for an ADN or a BSN. Whether nursing students choose an ADN or BSN degree, they must complete liberal arts, math, and science prerequisites. …
  2. Earn a BSN or an ADN Degree. …
  3. Pass the NCLEX Exam. …
  4. Find Employment. …
  5. Earn Board Certification.
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How can a foreigner become a nurse in USA?

In order to seek work as a foreign-educated nurse, you must demonstrate at least some of the following:

  1. You graduated from an accredited nursing education program in your country of education.
  2. You are licensed as a Registered Nurse in another country.
  3. You’ve practiced as a Registered Nurse for at least two years before.

Why Filipino nurses are in high demand?

Filipino nurses became popular because of the way they work. … People praise them and find them working in various hospitals, polyclinics, health centers all over the globe. They not only are good at work but also are passionate, charismatic and caring above all.

How much do nurses get paid USA?

The average nursing pay scale in the U.S. In March 2019, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that between May 2017 and May 2018, registered nurses brought in a median salary of $71,730 per year – a 3.7% increase compared to the previous year. The majority of nurses make from $48,690 to $104,100 annually.

How much do Filipino nurses make?


Registered Nurses hired at Hospitals commonly receive an average salary of P9,757 per month. In the government, the average salary per month is around P13,500 while in private sector, the rate average is around P10,000 per month.

Which city is most preferred by Filipino nurses?

Singapore is very close to the Philippines making it among the popular choice for Filipino nurses aspiring to work abroad. Salary is promising but they are strict in terms of working experience. The Land Down Under has a lot of natural wonders to offer.

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Is it hard to study nursing in USA?

You’re headed for a great career, one that’s rewarding, challenging, and always exciting. But nursing school is notoriously difficult. Most nursing programs require high GPAs and impressive scores in math, chemistry, biology, psychology, and other demanding subjects. It’s also extremely fulfilling.

Which nursing degree is best?

The MSN is the best degree for aspiring nurses and nurse professionals who want a career as a:

  • Advanced Practice Nurse.
  • Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
  • Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
  • Critical Care Registerd Nurse (CCRN)
  • Nurse Case Manager.
  • Nurse Administrator.
  • Nurse Educator.

Is the Nclex hard to pass?

NCLEX Pass Rates

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, in 2017, the first-attempt NCLEX pass rate for U.S.-educated nursing students was 87%. The second-attempt pass rate for domestically-educated students taking the test was 45.56%. These results demonstrate that it is a pretty difficult test.

Are nurses needed in USA?

We discovered that by 2030, the number of registered nurses needed in the United States is estimated to skyrocket by 28.4% from 2.8 million to 3.6 million. While most states are projected to keep up with demand, there are many places that are expected to have significant shortages in registered nurses.

Can foreign nurses work in USA?

You’re eligible to work in the US if you’re a Registered Nurse in your home country. Contact the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) to see if you’re qualified. When you know where in the US you’d like to work, you can apply to that state’s Board of Nursing and take the NCLEX-RN.

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