How did the US win the Battle of the Philippine Sea?

United States scores major victory against Japanese in Battle of the Philippine Sea. … The U.S. Fifth Fleet, commanded by Admiral Raymond Spruance, was on its way west from the Marshall Islands as backup for the invasion of Saipan and the rest of the Marianas.

Why did the Japanese lose the battle of the Philippine Sea?

The battle was a great defeat for the Japanese Navy, which lost three aircraft carriers and some 600 aircraft in two days of combat. This happened because the Japanese airplanes were getting old and their pilots had little training, compared to the more modern and better trained American forces.

Why was the Battle of the Philippine Sea fought?

The Battle of the Philippine Sea, the largest aircraft carrier action in World War II, began on June 19, 1944. This battle was to counter the American invasion of Saipan. Task Force 58 was commanded by Vice Admiral Marc Mitscher, USN.

How did the Japanese lose in the Philippines?

The Battle of Leyte Gulf on October 22-27, 1944 in Philippines was the largest naval battle in World War II and some have called it the greatest naval battle in history. … It lost four aircraft carriers and virtually its entire naval air force as well as four battleships, 14 cruisers, and 43 other ships.

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How many died in the Battle of the Philippines?

Philippines campaign (1941–1942)

Battle of the Philippines
Casualties and losses
Japanese source: 11,225 4,130 killed 287 missing 6,808 wounded US estimate: 17,000–19,000 7,000 killed or wounded 10,000–12,000 dead of disease 146,000 25,000 killed 21,000 wounded 100,000 captured

Why was fighting the Japanese so difficult?

As well, Japanese pilots were famously known for their kamikaze attacks. … Regardless, Japan was a difficult enemy to defeat due to the commitment of its soldiers to fight to the death and resist surrender.

What was the US plan to defeat Japan?

The Allied strategy to defeat Japan in the Pacific Ocean was a strategy called island hopping. After the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, the American military in the Pacific was severely depleted.

How many Japanese died in the battle of the Philippine Sea?

76 US servicemen were killed at the Battle of the Philippine Sea. The Japanese lost 3 carriers, 2 oilers, 6 other ships damaged and between 550–645 aircraft destroyed.. The Japanese death toll was estimated at 2,987.

What three battles were fought in the Philippines which was still a US colony?

The U.S. Army’s Invasion of Lingayen Gulf (January ’45) Battle of Samar. The U.S. Army’s and Philippine Army’s Battle of Luzon. The Battle of Corregidor (1945) on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay.

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