How do I cash in my Philippine coins abroad?

You may go to a Western Union branch or to their website (selected countries only), fill out a Send Money Form, and put your own name as the recipient. Once the MTCN is generated, go to the app and proceed with receiving the funds in your wallet.

How do I get my money back from coins Philippines?

A prompt will be shown and you may tap the Leave and refund button. Afterwards, you should see a confirmation of the refund. Funds would also be credited to your wallet again. If you do not see these options available, please contact for support with your refund.

How do I cash my Philippine coins through Western Union?

  1. Open the app with a fully registered profile.
  2. Click on Cash In or Receive.
  3. Select Western Union on the Cash In Method screen or Receive PHP screen.
  4. Enter the MTCN shared by your sender, and the estimated amount sent to you, then click Next.
  5. Check that the information you have provided is correct.
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Can coins PH send money abroad?

Send Money from Abroad to the Philippines is a fast, affordable and secure way to send and receive remittances from anywhere in the world.

Can I cash out in Palawan?

Yes. You can cash out through Palawan Express. Before you ask anyone to send you Gcash, ensure your account is fully verified before proceeding with the transaction. The process for cashing out is the same with Cebuana Lhuillier and RD Pawnshop.

Can I cash out in Palawan?

If you are claiming a cash out from through Palawan Express, your claiming details will be provided to you via email and via SMS as soon as your money is ready for pick-up. Once you receive the email or SMS with the claiming details, you can already go to a Palawan Express branch to claim the cash!

How can I cash in Philippine coins without fees?

If you wish to avoid paying cash in fees, you choose from the following options: Cashing in through UnionBank Online Banking (via Pay Bills of the UnionBank app) will not incur cash in fees.

How can I cash in for free?

  1. EastWest Bank.
  2. ING Bank.
  3. UnionBank of the Philippines.

How much is the maximum you can send through Western Union to Philippines?

How much can you send? With Western Union, you can send up to 15,000 USD (or equivalent PHP) per transfer.

Can I claim Western Union in coins?

Money sent through Western Union can be claimed in 3 ways: picked up through a branch, credited to a bank account, or loaded into a mobile wallet. With this partnership, users only have to cash-in the Western Union money transfer through the app by entering the tracking number.

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How can I send money from GCash to Philippine Coins?

After opening the GCash app, tap “Bank Transfer” in the home screen. Next, tap “View All” under the list of select partner banks. Choose “ (DCPay)” from the list of bank transfer options. Enter the amount that you want to send, making sure that you enough balance to cover the transaction.

Can send money to Smart Padala?

We do not offer cashouts through Smart Padala and our Smart Money card cash out option is a direct deposit to a Smart Money Card. You may check out our full list of cash options here: or by clicking “cash out” in your app. :D.

How do I use my debit card to cash my Philippine Coins?

How to Cash In

  1. “Cash in” means adding money to your wallet. …
  2. If you’re using the Mobile App, simply follow these steps:
  3. Step 1: Tap the “Cash In” icon on the app.
  4. Step 2: Select your preferred Cash In method.
  5. Step 3: Enter the amount you’d like to cash in and tap “Complete cash in”.
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