How is Singapore GFA calculated?

The GFA is simply 2.8 * 100,000 = 280,000 gross floor area. So the higher the number, the more units that can be built on that piece of land. If you like to find out more about en bloc property in Singapore you can do so here!

How is GFA calculated?

Multiply the square footage times the number of floors in the building. Subtract the square footage of any elevator shafts, lobbies (other than on the first floor), or rooms that house only equipment used for the building’s operation. The result is the gross floor area.

How is plot ratio calculated Singapore?

To check the plot ratio of a specific development or land parcel, simply search for the development/area name in the URA Master Plan, and look at the number assigned on the development/land parcel. (Land parcels in more undeveloped or yet-to-be-developed areas do not have assigned plot ratios.)

Is GFA a carpark?

Vehicle parking related areas on car park floors are excluded from GFA. This includes car parking lots, driveways, residual areas1 and corridors2 leading to a car park lift lobby.

Does sq ft include 2nd floor?

Two-Story Homes Measure the first floor just as for a single-story home. If the second floor is the same size as the first floor, then just double the square footage to find the square footage of the entire home.

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Does GFA include lift?

Common “vertical circulation” such as lifts and stairs are expressly excluded from GFA.

Is staircase considered GFA?

5.04 Private Enclosed Space (PES)

All PES in non-landed residential developments, including executive condominiums, will be counted as GFA under the 7% maximum bonus GFA allowed beyond the Master Plan (MP) stipulated GPR1 .

What does plot ratio 2.8 mean?

URA’s Development Control guideline states that a plot ratio of 2.8 means the development can be built up to a maximum of 36 storeys. According to URA’s masterplan, it shows that the plot of land next to The Dew is allocated for educational institutions and open spaces.

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