How many MVNO are there in Singapore?

Life – the first MVNO – took Singapore by storm in 2016 with its bold marketing campaigns and competitively priced data plans that were too good to be true. Within the span of a few years, there are now 9 MVNOs wooing digital-savvy customers aggressively with affordable data plans.

Which MVNO does Singtel use?

MVNOs: Circles. Life (on M1’s network) Zero1 (on Singtel’s network)

Which MVNO is the best in Singapore?

And these are the 9 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) aka virtual telcos in the market right now:

  • Circles. Life.
  • CMLink.
  • giga!
  • GOMO.
  • Grid Mobile.
  • MyRepublic.
  • redONE.

Are MVNO worth it?

An MVNO can be a great choice for an operator if you’re looking to save some cash. But they’re not such a great choice if you’re looking to get more than just mobile service. For perks, great customer service, and bundling, a major operator is going to be better, though they come at a price.

What is the best MVNO value?

Metro by T-Mobile is the best overall MVNO offering great data options and plenty of ways to save money with multiple lines.

  • Best Overall: Metro by T-Mobile.
  • Best Single Line: Mint Mobile.
  • Best for Travel: Google Fi.
  • Best Unlimited: Visible.
  • Best Family Plan: Walmart Family Mobile.
  • Best for Multi-Line Perks: US Mobile.
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Is M1 better than Singtel?

Singtel went from 11th to 15th spot, with its download speed dropping from 50.8 Mbps to 48.8 Mbps. M1, ranked 33 in last year’s report with a 33.7 Mbps download speed, did not make the top 30 this year and its ranking was not indicated.

Is Circle life under M1?

Life is a Singaporean multinational mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). The company was founded in 2016, initially operating exclusively in Singapore, leasing its network from M1.

Are Circles good?

Good network coverage

Circles. Life, which is powered by M1, is one of the top-rated networks for video speeds. According to IMDA’s Quality of Service Survey, Circles. Life is able to provide >99% 4G+ Coverage islandwide, even if you’re in the MRT or underground.

Is Gomo under Singtel?

GOMO is backed by Singtel’s 4G network. For all that’s said and done, Singtel was recently awarded the fastest 4G peak throughput speeds, which makes it one of the most reliable networks in Singapore.

Which SIM plan is best?

300 that these telecom operators have on offer.

  • Reliance Jio Rs 249 prepaid plan. Reliance Jio’s Rs. …
  • Reliance Jio Rs 199 prepaid plan. The Rs 199 prepaid plan is another popular choice among users looking for a reasonable recharge pack. …
  • Airtel Rs. 298 prepaid plan. …
  • Airtel Rs 249 prepaid plan. …
  • Vi Rs 299 prepaid plan.
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