How many types of business are there in Myanmar?

What kind of business is in Myanmar?

Forms of Business in Myanmar

  • Private Company Limited by Shares.
  • Public Company Limited by Shares.
  • Company Limited by Guarantee.
  • Unlimited Company.
  • Business Association.
  • Public Company Limited by Shares (under the Special Company Act 1950)
  • Private Company Limited by Shares (under the Special Company Act 1950)

How many types of companys are there in Myanmar?

There are two types of company in Myanmar: the company, which received approval from the Commission of Myanmar Investment (often called the MIC Inc.) or standard company that is registered under the Companies Act Myanmar (often called MCA Inc. or Decca company to be registered with the Directorate of Investment and …

What is the main business in Myanmar?

Other industries include agricultural goods, textiles, wood products, construction materials, gems, metals, oil and natural gas. The private sector dominates in agriculture, light industry, and transport activities, while the government controls energy, heavy industry, and military industries.

Which business is best in Myanmar?

According to the campaign, the 2020 best corporate companies to work in Myanmar are

  • Grand Royal Group International Co. …
  • Maersk Myanmar.
  • Mascon International Business Services Co. Ltd.
  • Nestle Myanmar (Trading) Ltd.
  • Super Seven Stars Group.
  • uab bank Ltd.
  • Unilever EAC Myanmar Co. Ltd & Unilever Myanmar Ltd.
  • YOMA BANK Ltd.
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How can I start my own business in Myanmar?

Once your company in Myanmar is set up, you need to complete the following activities:

  1. Inject 50% of capital into your business.
  2. Submit a list of directors and shareholders.
  3. Get an official company seal.
  4. Register your tax and any employees for social security.

Can foreigners do business in Myanmar?

The Myanmar representative office

Local regulations stipulate that foreign companies can open representative offices in Myanmar. While the representative office can be 100% foreign owned, it is not allowed to pursue production-related or commercial activities in Myanmar.

What is the capital of Myanmar?

How many public companies are there in Myanmar?

While there are currently more than 260 public companies registered under the Myanmar Companies Law, only six public companies are listed on the YSX.

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