Is Thailand on a fault line?

Recent paleoseismological studies have confirmed, however, that Thailand is affected by 11 seismic fault zones and more than 50 active faults located inside or outside the country’s territory that can cause hazardous seismic ground shaking.

Is there a fault line in Thailand?

Mae Chan Fault is an active 118 km long west-southwest–east-northeast trending left lateral strike-slip fault in Northern Thailand that extends into western Laos.

Is Thailand prone to natural disasters?

Thailand is known to be highly exposed and vulnerable to natural hazards caused by hydro-meteorological disasters, with floods, storms, landslides, and drought being the other major disasters by disaster type.

How often are Thailand earthquakes?

Over the past 40 years, Thailand has experienced mid-sized earthquakes (magnitudes 5.0-5.9) 8 times or once every 5 years.

Can Thailand get earthquakes?

Earthquakes. Northern Thailand can be subject to earthquakes and tremors of varying magnitude. The Earthquake Track website lists recent seismic activity.

What is the most common natural disaster in Thailand?

Most people perceive that tsunamis are the main natural disaster threatening Thailand, but the statistic evidence suggests that it is actually floods.

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