Question: How long does it take to renew Malaysian passport?

As long as you have all the correct documents and no other issues with your application, it will take about three days to process the renewed passport. People born before 1957 may submit a Malaysian citizen certificate or card instead of a birth certificate.

How long does it take to renew a Malaysian passport in Malaysia?

NOTE: Processing takes two (2) to four (4) months.

How long does online passport renewal take Malaysia?

General information: The process of application of new Passport and Passport renewal takes three (3) working day provided that all documents are in order..

Can I renew Malaysia passport online?

MyONLINE*PASPORT is a facility for Malaysians to renew their Passport through the internet. For online applications, Payment can be made via credit card or using direct debit facilities (FPX). … Applicants can choose where to collect the passport at any of the offices listed (in system).

How long do I have to wait for passport renewal?

Passport Processing Time

Type of Passport / Type of Service Minimum Working Days
Passport Issued other than Abu Dhabi (Under normal renewal) 5
All Tatkal Applications 2
Minor Child Passport Renewal Abu Dhabi issued (MCNP) 5
Minor Child Passport Renewal other than Abu Dhabi issued (MCNP) 5
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What happens if passport expires Malaysia?

Currently, the Malaysian International Passport can no longer be extended. Upon expiry, a new passport application must be made to replace the expired passport. Report the loss at the nearest Police Station and at the nearest Malaysian Mission.

Can I renew my passport before it expires Malaysia?

In accordance with the current Immigration rules and regulations, the validity of a Malaysian passport is no longer extendable. In this regards, a new passport application must be made to replace the soon to be expired passport (at least six (6) months before the expiry date).

How much does it cost to renew Malaysian passport?

The passport renewal fee remains unchanged for online application. It costs RM200 for 5 years for Malaysians aged 13 to 59. The renewal fee for senior citizens aged 60 and above, as well as children aged 12 and below is RM100 for 5 years.

Can renewal of passport be done online?

Login to the Passport Seva Online Portal with the registered Login Id. Click “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” link. Fill in the required details in the form and submit.

How much is the passport renewal fee?

Passport processing fees for both new applications and renewal are as follows: Regular Processing – P 950.00. Expedited Processing – P 1,200.00. Penalty for lost and mutilated passports – P 350.00.

Does passport number change after renewal Malaysia?

The passport number is the serial number that uniquely identifies a passport. The passport number changes every time a person is issued a new passport, with the previous passport number noted in an endorsement on the last page of the new passport.

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