Question: Is grab cheaper than taxi in Malaysia?

The complaints appear to be valid. Checks by FMT showed that some trips on taxis were cheaper by half the prices offered by Grab. A one-way trip that takes about 10 minutes (about 5km) costs about RM7 only using a taxi, compared to Grab’s service which now costs about RM14.

Why is grab better than taxi?

Grab and Uber also fared better than taxis in drivers’ knowledge of routes, customer service provided by the driver, and safety. … Passengers were most satisfied with safety for both cabs and private-hire cars – although private-hire services scored higher at 8.2, compared with 7.8 for taxis.

Is taxi cheap in Malaysia?

The country with the cheapest taxi fare is Egypt – a cost of just RM4, for a 5km taxi fare. … In fact, the base fee for a taxi fare in Egypt is as low as RM1. 10.

How much does grab charge per km in Malaysia?

Distance: If 4-13 km, RM 0.65 per KM. If 13-25 km, RM 1 per KM. If more than 25km, RM 2 per KM.

Can I pay cash on Grab?

Fully rolled-out by November 2020 through an updated version of the Grab app, Cash-in with Driver allows cash-paying commuters to enjoy safe and reliable GrabCar services by simply activating their GrabPay wallets during the ride, paying cash to their drivers, and receive their change credited to their GrabPay wallets.

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How do you pay for GrabTaxi?

How to pay for rides

  1. Tap on ‘Transport’
  2. Select your pick up / drop off points and tap on the payment method icon.
  3. Select GrabPay balance as your payment method.
  4. Tap on ‘Book’

Why is Grab the best?


Grab gives you piece of mind in knowing that any delays will not increase the price of the ride. Both taxis and Uber make you pay for any delays – even for the ones that they cause. The advantage of its set prices is clear when compared with Uber’s unpredictable price quotes.

Why is Grab so expensive now?

Grab charges merchants a 25-30% commission

Grab claims to charge merchants a 25-30% commission (subject to prevailing GST) for every order placed on their platform. While it used to be that this commission was not charged for self pick-up, the service fee now applies to both Delivery and Self Pick-Up orders.

Are taxis in Kuala Lumpur safe?

Like many places in Southeast Asia, taxi services in Kuala Lumpur are infamous for a myriad of traffic offences and petty scams.

How much is Uber in Malaysia?

Despite the rise in fares, Uber’s services are still up to 20% cheaper compared to regular taxi fares in Malaysia. There will be NO minimum fare for your uberX ride; base fares remain the same at RM2, while cancellation fees stand at RM5.

How much is a taxi in Malaysia?

For taxis caught in a traffic jam, the fare will be RM3. 00 for the first 3 minutes, and 25 cents for every subsequent 36 seconds.

Useful tips on using Malaysian taxi services.

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Type Estimated Taxi Fare
5km 10km
Budget RM8.00 RM14.25
TEKS1M RM10.00 RM17.50
Executive RM14.00 RM24.00
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