Question: Why do Thai boxers have weird names?

The mystery is solved for you below! In Thailand, when a fighter achieves a certain level of proficiency (ie. essentially when you are good enough to represent the gym professionally as a fighter), the gym’s name is bestowed upon you as an honor.

Why do Thai fighters have weird names?

Their first name can be their “real” name (given name) or it can be their nickname or it could be the nickname the gym gave them. Last name is a sponsor name, it means that it can be the gym name or a sponsor. Buakaw changed gyms on bad terms and stopped using Por. Pramuk and started to use banchamek.

Why are Thai fighters named Fairtex?

Fairtex is the name of a Muay Thai camp and a Muay Thai gear manufacturer. In Thailand most Thai’s (and even a few westerners) will take on the name of where they train. So they will now sport the last name of their camp instead of their real last name.

Why do Muay Thai fighters take the name of their gym?

There is a reason why we use the names of our gyms in lieu of our surnames when we fight (at least in Thailand), to proudly acknowledge and represent who made us and where we come from.

Who is the richest kickboxer?

What is the net worth of Rico Verhoeven? The net worth of this famous kickboxer will be surely in millions as he is recognized by all worldwide. His net worth is believed to have $3 Million as of 2019.

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