Quick Answer: Who are the Filipino martyr?

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila
First Saint and Protomartyr of the Philippines
Major shrine Binondo Church, Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Feast September 28
Attributes Rosary in clasped hands, gallows and pit, Barong Tagalog or camisa de chino and black trousers, cross, palm of martyrdom

Who is the martyr of the Philippines?

Lorenzo Ruiz was beatified by Pope John Paul II in Manila in 1981 and was later canonized at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City in 1987. Twenty-five years later, the title of “saint” was bestowed upon another martyr, Pedro Calungsod. Pedro was then canonized in October 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Who are the saints from the Philippines?

On October 18, 1987 in Vatican City, Lorenzo Ruiz was canonized by the same pope, making him the first Filipino saint. Ruiz is regarded as a patron saint of the Philippines, Filipino youth, overseas workers, and altar servants. The Liturgical Feast of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions is September 28.

Who are the 2 Filipino saints?

In the Philippines, we have two Filipino saints — Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Saint Pedro Calungsod.

Who is the father of the Filipino language?

The celebration coincides with the month of birth of President Manuel L. Quezon, regarded as the “Ama ng Wikang Pambansa” (Father of the national language).

Who are the newest saints?

List of saints canonized by Pope Francis

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No. Saint Place of canonization
1. Antonio Primaldo & 812 Companions Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City
2. Laura Montoya Upegui Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City
3. Maria Guadalupe Garcia Zavala Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City
4. Angela of Foligno Apostolic Palace, Vatican City

Who has been beatified?

List of beatified people

Blessed Date of death Date of beatification
108 Martyrs of World War II 1939–1945 1999
Adolph Kolping 1865 1991
Adrian Fortescue 1539 1895
Agatha Phutta 1940 1989
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