Quick Answer: Who was the president of Indonesia from 1968 to 1998?

General of the Army (Ret.) Suharto
In office 27 March 1968 – 21 May 1998 Acting: 12 March 1967 – 27 March 1968
Vice President Hamengkubuwono IX (1973–1978) Adam Malik (1978–1983) Umar Wirahadikusumah (1983–1988) Sudharmono (1988–1993) Try Sutrisno (1993–1998) B. J. Habibie (1998)
Preceded by Sukarno

Who was the president of Indonesia?

What happened to Suharto?

Suharto resigned as president of Indonesia on 21 May 1998 following the collapse of support for his three-decade-long presidency. The resignation followed severe economic and political crises over the previous six to twelve months. Vice president B. J. Habibie took over the presidency.

Who was the first Indonesian president?

On 18 August 1945, the Preparatory Committee for Indonesian Independence (PPKI), which was created on 7 August to replace the BPUPK, selected Sukarno as the country’s first president.

How long did the Dutch rule Indonesia?

Dutch rule from 1815 to c.

Before the 19th century, Indonesian societies had experienced considerable pressure from Europeans, but they had not been consumed by Western influences.

When did the new order end Indonesia?

New Order (Indonesia)

Republic of Indonesia Republik Indonesia (Indonesian)
• Operation Lotus December 7 1975
• May riots 13-14 May 1998
• Fall of Suharto 21 May 1998
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