What archipelagos are located in East and Southeast Asia?

Malay Archipelago, largest group of islands in the world, consisting of the more than 17,000 islands of Indonesia and the approximately 7,000 islands of the Philippines. The regional name “East Indies” is sometimes used as a synonym for the archipelago.

What are the two archipelagos in Southeast Asia?

Maritime Southeast Asia is made up of the world’s two largest archipelagos situated between the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the Western Pacific.

Maritime Southeast Asia.

Total islands 25,000
Major islands Borneo, Java, Luzon, Mindanao, New Guinea, Sulawesi, Sumatra
Area 2,870,000 km2 (1,110,000 sq mi)

What countries in Southeast Asia are archipelagos?

The Southeast Asian Archipelago holds the third largest expanse of tropical forests, contains three of the world’s mega-diverse countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines), and the majority of the Coral Triangle, the global center of marine biodiversity.

What are three archipelagos in Asia?

Archipelagos of Asia form the largest group of island in the world and is called Malay archipelagos. Three of archipelagos are 1) Indonesia 2) Philippines 3) Andaman islands.

How many archipelagos are there in Southeast Asia?

List of archipelagos by number of islands

Location (total number of islands) Name of the archipelagos
Southeast Asia Malay Archipelago
Södermanland archipelago, Sweden Södermanland archipelago
Indonesia Indonesian Archipelago
Swedish East Coast Archipelago (21,628) Småland archipelago
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Is Korea part of Southeast Asia?

In business and economics, “East Asia” is sometimes used to refer to a wide geographical area covering ten Southeast Asian countries in ASEAN, Greater China, Japan and Korea.

Is Japan an Archipelago?

The Japanese archipelago stretches from subtropical to subarctic zones and runs parallel to the eastern rim of the Eurasian Continent. The archipelago consists of four main islands and more than 3,900 smaller islands whose area covers almost 378,000 square kilometers.

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