What beer goes with spicy Thai food?

What beer goes with spicy food?

If you’re looking to complement spicy foods, Bogner suggests beers that fall into the light and crisp category, “like helles and pilsner, or saison—beers at a lower ABV, with character and a light malt presence, but not so much richness and sweetness that it masks the spice.” To mitigate the spice, he opts for “big …

What beer goes with Thai curry?

Phil Vickery, chef and broadcaster:​ You need a light lager or summer ale, the paler the better. Although fragrant, Thai curry carries a kick and can be quite rich with coconut milk and big flavoured herbs, so a the soft lager type of beer would be perfect.

What are 2 ways to pair beer with spicy food?

There are two ways to think about pairing spicy food and beer: you can either mellow out the spice or you can drink a beer that’ll enhance the spiciness. To mellow out the spiciness of a dish, go with medium beers that are hop-forward like amber ales, wheat beers, brown ales, porters and stouts.

Is beer good with spicy food?

Many amber ales also pair nicely with spicy foods. Just stay away from beers that are too sweet or very dark. they can start to overpower the flavors in the food. On the other hand, if extra-spicy is what you crave, go for a pale ale or IPA.

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What beer goes best with Thai food?

Our favourite beers with Thai food include:

  • IPA (Indian Pale Ale) IPA’s have a citrusy aroma and pair perfectly with heavier, aromatic dishes. …
  • Lager. …
  • Whitbier (bière blanche) …
  • Off-dry Riesling. …
  • Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio. …
  • Gewürztraminer. …
  • Sauvignon Blanc. …
  • Exotic fruit juices.

What drink goes with Thai red curry?

The fruit complements the spice. Wines which have the scent of tropical flowers or exotic fruits will match well with the same notes in Thai dishes. Riesling and other German/Alsace wines such as Gewûrztraminer or Pinot Gris again score well here. Other examples include Viognier, Chenin Blanc and Argentinian Torrontés.

Does whiskey go with Thai food?

“Rye whiskey has a bit of spice, so I like it with meat-heavy dishes and heavily marinated foods. I gravitate toward spicy Thai food when I think about rye, like glazed pork chops with papaya salad.”

What drink goes good with pad thai?

You could drink something like a cru Beaujolais or a young pinot noir but if I was going for a French wine I’d plump for an aromatic white – an Alsace riesling or sylvaner or a zesty sauvignon blanc from the Loire. Dry riesling from elsewhere would also work, obviously, or a Marlborough sauvignon from New Zealand.

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