What did Jackie say about Malaysia’s children?

Did Jackie talk about Malaysia?

Jackie told the group that she was told Jennifer Williams said horrible things about Malaysia. And she said these things to multiple people in Atlanta.

What rumor did Jackie start about Malaysia?

The rumor accused Malaysia of being a neglectful mother. She was accused of having money problems. And later she was told that someone said her kids have been going around the city looking dirty. So when this got back to Malaysia, she was heated.

Are Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo friends?

Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie have had plenty of ups and downs in their friendship over the years. In fact, there have been moments when it seemed as if the “Basketball Wives” stars would never be friends again.

Does Malaysia Pargo have custody of her kids?

Malaysia, who primarily works as a jewelry designer, was married to Jannero Pargo from 2006 to 2014. In 2016, Bossip reported that Malaysia won half Pargo’s pension in her divorce settlement. They share joint custody of their kids.

Why did Malaysia and Jackie fall out?

If you can recall, Christie and her co-star Malaysia Pargo fell out with each other during season 8 after a man from Atlanta contacted Christie on social media and allegedly implied that Pargo was broke and was not taking care of her children.

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Who is Malaysia’s husband?

Is draya and Brandi still friends?

In a 2017 interview with Hollywoood Life, she said, “Me and Malaysia, we’re best friends. We ride or die for each other, and we’re probably one of the realest friends on the show. It’s quite natural, we have each other’s back.”

Are Shaunie and Jennifer still friends?

It looks like Evelyn Lozada isn’t the only Basketball Wives co-star OG will have beef with this season. Per OG and Jennifer Williams’ social media accounts, the two once chummy castmates are no longer friends. They recently traded shade on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Is Jen and Evelyn still friends?

The drama between Basketball Wives stars Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada is over! The ladies, who were the best of friends when the show first premiered in Miami in 2010, have seen their share of falling out, even to the point of getting physical with one another on the show.

Who is Evelyn baby daddy?

The father of Evelyn Lozada’s baby is Carl Crawford of the Los Angeles Dodgers, PEOPLE has learned.

How much is Jackie Christie worth?

Net Worth & Salary of Jackie Christie in 2021

Her net worth stands at $12 million as of August 2021. Jackie Christie is quite a multi-tasking, talented social entrepreneur, as well as a successful TV personality.

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