What has been done to try and manage the flooding of Jakarta?

To manage floods, the city diverts water during peak flows; the water from upstream areas are diverted to the east and west of Jakarta via two major flood canals emptying into the Jakarta Bay. … After the dredging and lifting of sediment, some canals which were only 1 meter deep are now 4 meters deep.

What have people done to stop flooding Jakarta?

Indonesian authorities are turning to the technique of cloud seeding to try to stop more rain falling in the flood-hit capital Jakarta. Planes have been sent to inject chemicals into clouds in an effort to alter precipitation.

How did they solve the problem of flooding?

Control of Floods. Some methods of flood control have been practiced since ancient times. These methods include planting vegetation to retain extra water, terracing hillsides to slow flow downhill, and the construction of floodways (man-made channels to divert floodwater).

What was built to hold back the sea in Jakarta?

The National Capital Integrated Coastal Development ( NCICD) includes the construction of a giant sea wall just north of the bay in Jakarta as a measure to protect the city against floods from sea. Inside this wall large lagoons will be constructed to buffer outflow from the 13 rivers in Jakarta.

How can we prevent rain from flooding?

Here are some tips to prevent flooding during heavy rain.

  1. 1- Clear Storm Drains. Storm drains are exactly what they sound like, drains to divert excess water. …
  2. 2- Clean Gutters and Downspouts. …
  3. 3- Sump Pump. …
  4. 4- Install Backflow Prevention Device. …
  5. 5- Sandbags. …
  6. 6- Clogged Drains.
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