What is the countries or places in temples of Cambodia?

What is the most famous and the most beautiful temple in Cambodia?

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and it is not surprising that many travellers do not want to miss a visit to this temple complex. Angkor covers as much as 400 square kilometres, and there is much more to see than just the world-famous main temple Angkor Wat.

Is Cambodia a Hindu country?

Modern Cambodia is made up of about 95 percent Theravada Buddhists, with Cham Muslims, Christians and tribal animists making up most of the remainder. However, it hasn’t always been this way, with Cambodia’s roots steeped deep in Hinduism.

How was Angkor Wat destroyed?

The cause of the Angkor empire’s demise in the early 15th century long remained a mystery. But researchers have now shown that intense monsoon rains that followed a prolonged drought in the region caused widespread damage to the city’s infrastructure, leading to its collapse.

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