What is the most popular dog in Indonesia?

Country Most searched dog breed
Honduras Rottweiler
Iceland Maltese
India Rottweiler
Indonesia Siberian husky

The Kintamani, also known as the Kintamani-Bali Dog, is a popular breed in Indonesia, and subsequently is a common pet. It’s estimated that presently, there are approximately 12,000 Kintamani dogs around the Bangli Regency.

What is the national dog of Indonesia?

The Kintamani (Indonesian: anjing kintamani) or the Kintamani-Bali Dog is a dog native to the Indonesian island of Bali and originated from the Kintamani region. It is a popular pet for the Balinese and locally Bali’s only official breed.

Kintamani (dog)

Common nicknames Kinta
Origin Indonesia

Almost all of the world’s raised sugar glider comes from Indonesia. because the original Australian sugar glider is not allowed to be traded. This animal is protected by the government. Indonesia itself has banned the hunt for wild sugar glider.

Are there dogs in Indonesia?

While only an estimated 7 per cent of the Indonesian population consumes dog meat, animal rights advocates claim up to a million dogs are killed annually across the archipelago. And an estimated 30 million dogs are killed every year across Asia for human consumption.

Are dogs pets in Indonesia?

Is Indonesia pet-friendly? Let’s get this question out of the way first. Well, yes and no. While the general populace is accepting of pets, since the country is predominantly Muslim, dogs may be seen as unclean and may not be welcome everywhere.

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How long do Bali dogs live for?

Its wide genetic diversity makes it immune to the diseases and genetic disorders typical of selectively bred dogs. If well looked after, the breed can live over 16 years. There are stories of Bali Dogs traveling many miles across country to return to their original homes.

Which dog is from Asia?

Other Asian dog breeds

Country Breed
India Rampur Greyhound
Indonesia Kintamani
Japan Shikoku Hokkaido Kishu Japanese Terrier Sanshu
Korea Dosa Jindo Poong san Sapsal
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