What is the parliament of Indonesia called?

Coordinates: 6°12′37″S 106°48′00″E The People’s Representative Council (Indonesian: Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia; commonly abbreviated as DPR) is one of two elected chambers of the People’s Consultative Assembly (Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat/MPR), the national legislature of Indonesia.

What does the DPR do?

DPR has the statutory responsibility of ensuring compliance to petroleum laws, regulations and guidelines in the Oil and Gas Industry. … Maintaining records on petroleum industry operations, particularly on matters relating to petroleum reserves, production/exports, licences and leases.

Who runs Indonesia?

Joko Widodo is the 7th and current president of Indonesia. He assumed office on 20 October 2014.

Is Indonesia federal?

Federal Polity vs. Unitary Polity. Since Indonesia obtained its independence, as stated in 1945 Indonesian Constitution, Indonesia is a unitary state. It means that all regions in Indonesia are controlled by the central government in the capital city.

Is Indonesia a republic or democracy?

The politics of Indonesia take place in the framework of a presidential representative democratic republic whereby the President of Indonesia is both head of state and head of government and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government.

How many seats are there in Indonesia?

Currently, there are 77 constituencies in Indonesia, and each returns 3-10 Members of Parliament based on population.

Who is DPR REM?

DPR +Ian’s real name is Yu Ba-Rom or Christian Yu. … New York City native Scott Kim joined the crew and became DPR Rem, working on the show WhatthePineapple with Amber Liu, a member of the girl group f(x). Currently, he is the creative director, executive producer for DPR’s work and he also designs the merchandise.

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How many seats are there in the Thai parliament?

National Assembly of Thailand

National Assembly รัฐสภา Ratthasapha
President of the National Assembly and Speaker of the House of Representatives Chuan Leekpai, Democrat since 28 May 2019
President of the Senate Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, Independent since 24 May 2019
Seats 750 (500 MPs, 250 Senators)
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