What is the possessive form of Philippines?

I wrote: “The prescribed possessive form for countries with a plural form like the Philippines adds only the apostrophe — not apostrophe-‘s’ — for the possessive: Philippines’.

How do you make the Philippines possessive?

The singular forms make the possessive with the addition of an apostrophe and an s (Paris’s, Kansas’s, Cyprus’s, Barbados’s); for nouns with a plural form, add only the apostrophe for the possessive (United States’, Seychelles’, Philippines’).

What is the possessive of country?

Definitely “country’s” is the singular possessive. Our country’s leader. Apostrophe s make’s “country” possessive. Country is singular.

Why is the Philippines plural?

The answer is actually both. The word Philippines is used as a collective noun and When spoken is the name of a country is when spoken is the name of the country is treated as singular. The same word can be used as a plural to indicate the Group of islands ( Over 7000) over 7000 of them) that form the country.

Is or are the Philippines?

Take note: The geographical location, the Philippines, the name of which is in plural form, is followed by the plural verb are.

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Can a state be possessive?

The plural possessive is formed by just adding an apostrophe to the end of the noun. … The possessive form of these nouns are always the same as plural nouns so, for example: United States’ (U.S.’)

What is Texas possessive?

It’s Texas’s. For singular possessive, even if it ends in s, it’s still ‘s. For plural possessive, it’s s’ only if it ends in s.

How do you say countries possessive?

To make a singular noun possessive, add ‘s REGARDLESS of how it ends; to make a plural noun possessive add ‘s unless it ends in s in which case add only ‘. Ergo, “country,” the singular, becomes “country’s” while “countries,” the plural, becomes “countries’” when made possessive.

What is a singular possessive?

Singular Possessive noun:

A singular possessive noun indicates something belongs to someone or something— ownership. To indicate ownership we add an ‘s . For example: • cat’s tail.

What type of word is Philippines?

Adjective form of the Philippines

Philippine is generally used with inanimate nouns. Examples: the Philippine National Anthem, the Philippine Senate. Philippine is also used as an adjective for people when it describes people representing the Philippine nation.

Is it correct to say Philippines or the Philippines?

If you’re talking about the country, you say, The Philippines or The Philippine Islands. Saying only “Philippines” is incorrect. The Philippines goes for the Philippine (Islands), exactly the same way as in Spanish originally it was Las Islas Filipinas and we elicite sometimes the word ‘islas’.

Is Philippines a plural country?

The noun “Philippines” refers to a country – one country, therefore singular. I don’t see how it can be considered as plural. People who think it’s plural are simply misled by the the “s” at the end. It’s a proper noun, and it does not matter if it ends in an “s” or not.

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Who is the king of the Philippines?

The current Philippine monarch, since 19 June 2020, is Ferdinand II, of the new Marcos dynasty.

Monarchy of the Philippines (World of Kings and Queens)

King of The Philippines
Ferdinand II since 19 June 2014
Style His/Her Majesty
Heir apparent Ferdinand III, Datu of Ternate

Why is there a the before Philippines?

Explanation: The USA, the UK, the Maldives, The Philippines etc need the definite article of THE before the country/countries. … One single country name like: SWEDEN, POLAND, DENMARK,INDIA need not any article before them, these are basic rules of thumb that English grammarians have made a convention, simple to memorize.

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