What is the widest road in the Philippines?

Commonwealth Avenue (Tagalog: Abenida Komonwelt), formerly known as Don Mariano Marcos Avenue (Tagalog: Abenida Don Mariano Marcos), named after the father of President Ferdinand Marcos, is a 12.4-kilometer (7.7 mi) highway located in Quezon City, Philippines, which spans from six to eighteen lanes and is the widest in …

Is Laguna SLEX or nlex?


Name Shortened form Length
NLEX Karuhatan Link (NLEX MacArthur Highway Link) NLEX Segment 9 2.4 km
NLEX Harbor Link NLEX Segment 10 8.3 km
NAIA Expressway NAIAX 11.6 km
Cavite–Laguna Expressway CALAX 44.6 km
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