Where are the wild elephants in Malaysia?

Elephant Range: 45,000 km² approx (includes Peninsula and Borneo combined)
Total Wild Elephants: 2,351 – 3,066
1,251 – 1,466 – Peninsula
1,100 – 1,600 – Borneo
Country Ranking: 4th or 5th of 13

Does Malaysia have wild elephants?

The Taman Negara National Park holds the largest population in Peninsular Malaysia at 290 – 350 elephants. This is mainly because it is the largest protected area and it has been the main release area for translocated elephants since 1983.

How many wild elephants are there in Malaysia?

Wild elephant distribution in Peninsular Malaysia

The current population of elephants in Peninsular Malaysia is estimated to be 1 200 to 1 500. They are distributed in small herds within a small home range because of the limited availability of lowland forest reserves and fragmented forests.

Where can I see elephants in Malaysia?

Currently two main elephant centers can be visited by tourists; the very popular Kuala Gandah elephant center and the Sungai Ketiar center. Kuala Gandah is very popular among tourists; mainly because it is only a two hour drive from Kuala Lumpur by rental car.

How many elephants are there in Malaysia?

The current elephant population in Peninsular Malaysia is estimated as 1223-1677 individuals (Table 1), distributed widely from the state of Kedah in the north to Johor in the south, and from Negeri Sembilan in the west to Terengganu in the east (Fig. 1).

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