Where can I train volleyball in Singapore?

Lions Volleyball Academy is one of the top Volleyball academies in Singapore and boasts the highest calibre coaches on the Island.

How much does a volleyball cost in Singapore?

Top Mikasa Volleyball Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price
Mikasa Mva200 Volleyball – 100% Authentic S$ 83.66
Mikasa Volleyball Tokyo Olympics Game Ball Size 5 V300W Professional Pu Leather Traning Ball With Four Free Gifts S$ 15.50
Mikasa Volleyball – Mgv500 Setter Training Ball S$ 54.00
Mikasa Volleyball – Vxt30 S$ 64.00

How do I start learning volleyball?

16 Volleyball Tips for Beginners

  1. Call mine, even when it seems obvious. …
  2. Try to use all three hits. …
  3. Don’t touch the second ball – unless the setter has called for help. …
  4. Don’t set the ball too close to the net. …
  5. Don’t land on or under the net. …
  6. Don’t pass the ball too close to the net. …
  7. Don’t catch the ball during a play.

What is beginner volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport in which two teams of six attempt to score points on their opponents by grounding the ball on the other team’s side, or by forcing the other team to either hit the ball into the net or out of bounds. … The first team to win three sets wins, the fifth set typically played to 15 points.

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How much is a good volleyball?

How much does a good volleyball cost? An official competition volleyball can cost anywhere from $20 to under $100, depending on the quality of the volleyball, and its materials. There are many great genuine leather regulation volleyball for under $50. A good leather composite volleyball can run $30-$40.

Can I teach myself volleyball?

Volleyball is a great sport that will get you into excellent shape. However, it’s also a team sport, and people aren’t always available to practice with you. Fortunately, practicing by yourself without a court is easy with a few drills.

Can I start volleyball at 15?

15 is a great age to start playing volleyball. I was 14 when I started playing with a team (learned skills at a younger age from my brother). I had friends who started playing at anywhere from 15 to 20 years old and all of them had great success.

Can you play volleyball with no experience?

Yes. I joined my freshman volleyball team 2 years ago with very limited experience when I started. If you have NO prior experience with the sport, of course it will be challenging. It’s something entirely new to you, and you almost guaranteed will struggle at the very beginning, should you make it.

Can I join a volleyball team?

Go to http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Membership/Membership-Home and click on regions and find the region you live in an click on it. On your region page you should be able to find a list of registered clubs in your area. Contact a few and see if they accept players with no experience and then choose one!

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What can I use instead of a volleyball?


  • Sepak Takraw.
  • Blind Volleyball.
  • Seated Volleyball.
  • Hooverball.
  • Sand Volleyball.
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