Who is the Philippine Queen of Bossa Nova?

Full name: Sitti Katrina Baiddin Navarro
Other name(s): Philippines’ Queen of Bossa Nova
Birthday: 29 November 1984
Born in: Las Piñas, Manila, Philippines

What does bossa nova mean in English?

1 : popular music of Brazilian origin that is rhythmically related to the samba but with complex harmonies and improvised jazzlike passages. 2 : a dance performed to bossa nova music.

Can you identify which among the following artists is the Filipino bossa nova icon?

Sitti Navarro also known as Sitti, is a Filipino bossa nova singer.

What genre is bamboo?

Why is bossa nova so good?

“Bossa nova is a sacred music for many Brazilians. It’s political and nationalistic and poetic. It’s a form of high modernist art that somehow became one of the most popular musics on earth.” Nowadays, it’s a preset rhythm on a home organ; it’s the music you hear in elevators, or on Strictly Come Dancing.

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