Why did Philippines stop using baybayin?

Decline. The confusion over vowels (i/e and o/u) and final consonants, missing letters for Spanish sounds and the prestige of Spanish culture and writing may have contributed to the demise of baybayin over time, as eventually baybayin fell out of use in much of the Philippines.

Is Baybayin obsolete?

Simply because it has been obsolete since the Spanish colonization. Today one would be hard pressed to translate ‘modern’ words like computer, oscilloscope and tachymeter into Tagalog, let alone write them in Baybayin.

Can Baybayin be revived?

Baybayin is made up of 17 characters which had been used by Filipinos in writing before the Spanish colonization. While the scripture isn’t exactly a part of modern Filipino practices anymore, people have been slowly reviving the script by incorporating them in different art forms as well as in modern writing.

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