You asked: What are the outdoor activities in the Philippines?

What are the famous outdoor activities in Philippines?

8 Thrilling Philippines Adventure: Must-Try Activities to Make Your Trip More Fun

  • Underground River Tour – Palawan. …
  • Diving with the Sea Turtles – Dumaguete. …
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks – Cebu. …
  • Hiking at Mt. …
  • White Water Rafting – Davao. …
  • Exploring Cantabon Cave – Siquijor. …
  • Biking in the Air – Bohol.

What is the difference between outdoor and outdoors?

When someone goes out of a building, you don’t usually say that they go `outdoors‘. You say that they go outside. Outdoor is an adjective used in front of a noun. You use it to describe things or activities that exist or happen in the open air, rather than inside a building.

What do you think are the risks of outdoor activities?

Hazards associated with outdoor activities may include but are not limited to:

  • traffic and pedestrian management.
  • ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure.
  • adverse weather conditions (rain, wind, ice, temperature extremes etc.)
  • natural disasters (storms, fire, floods etc.)
  • animals and insects.
  • noxious plants.
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