You asked: Who is the oldest people in Philippines?

Francisca Montes-Susano (née Taymon-Montes; born 11 September 1897?) is a Filipino longevity claimant to the “world’s oldest person” title.

Is Francisca susano the oldest person?

Surpassing Jeanne Calment, who was considered the oldest living person at the age of 122 years and 164 days, Susano will be turning 124 years old this September 11. The supercentenarian was recently acknowledged by the Guinness Organization as the oldest living person after submitting all required documents.

Who is oldest in the world?

The oldest living person, Jeanne Calment of France, was 122 when she died in 1997; currently, the world’s oldest person is 118-year-old Kane Tanaka of Japan.

How old is the Philippines?

Some 50 million years ago, the archipelago was formed by volcanic eruptions. About 30,000 years ago the earliest inhabitants had arrived from the Asian mainland, perhaps over land bridges built during the ice ages. By the tenth century A.D.

What is the typical size of a Filipino family?

The mean ideal family size for Filipino women is 2.8 children. Ideal family size varies by region, from a low of 2.6 in CALABARZON and the National Capital Region to a high of 5.1 in ARMM. Women with no education want the most children (5.0), while women with high school or college education want the fewest (2.7).

Who lived to be 200 years old?

Li Ching-Yuen

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Li Ching Yuen (Mohit Dhonsi)
Born 1677 (approximate)
Died May 6, 1933 (aged 256) Sichuan, Republic of China
Nationality Chinese
Known for Extreme longevity claim and spiritual practices by means of herbs
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