You asked: Why do Thai people like water buffalo?

Water buffalo have been used for centuries by Thai farmers to do the hard work of ploughing rice fields, planting and harvesting rice. As such, in the past, the number of buffalo a family owned became one of the indicators of financial status.

What do they do with water buffalo in Thailand?

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization puts the world water buffalo population at about 130 million, including the 5 million in Thailand. … When its working life is done, the buffalo can be sold for its meat and hide. In the meantime, it provides fertilizer.

Do Thais eat water buffalo?

We don’t eat water buffalo here, but we do eat Bison. Bison meat will be clearly labeled a bison.

What does a water buffalo symbolize?

The baby water buffalo is symbolic of the innocence and youth of the soldiers themselves before they were confronted with the horrors of war that have torn them apart psychologically, piece by terrible piece.

Are water buffalo killed for their horns?

Water buffaloes are not killed for their horns. These water buffaloes are an integral part of life in Vietnam. They are not hunted but are farmed raised to be a part of the food or agricultural industry.

What does a buffalo signify?

Buffaloes are very strong animals and they can symbolize strength, stability, freedom, abundance, consistency, gratitude, and lots more. Dreaming about buffaloes can indicate that something good is coming your way and this could also be a sign of something great.

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