You asked: Why is Milo popular in the Philippines?

MILO has inspired an active lifestyle and athletic excellence for generations of families with every cup filled with energy-giving nutrients and the classic chocomaltee flavor that every Filipino loves. First introduced in the Philippines in 1964, MILO has grown into a favorite beverage enjoyed all over the country.

Milo Dinosaur’s popularity can ultimately be traced back to Milo itself. Promoted in Malaya since the 1930s as a hygienic, nourishing, yet relatively affordable beverage, Milo insinuated itself into breakfast and night-time routines for time-scarce families.

What is the role of Milo in the Philippines?

United by the shared commitment of helping the younger generation of future champions, MILO works with industry players such as the national sports associations (NSAs), Department of Education (DepEd), Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) to develop more sustained programs geared

Which country has the best MILO?

Milo in Malaysia is the best. There’s milo in Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, and many more. But all of them admit Malaysian’s milo is better. Its thick af.

How much is Milo in Philippines?

Top Milo Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Milo Powder 24g ₱ 109.00 Shopee
Milo Cereal 500g ₱ 258.00 Shopee
Milo Powder ₱ 109.00 Shopee
Milo Powder 300g ₱ 105.00 Shopee
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