Your question: How do I pay parking charges in Singapore?

Key in your vehicle number, select the car park and indicate your estimated parking duration. Your charges will be automatically calculated (free parking timings, whole-day parking, night parking are all included). Pay using your credit or debit card and start parking.

How do I pay for parking in Singapore?

You can now pay for parking using your mobile device via the mobile app instead of displaying coupons.

How do you use parking in Singapore app?

How to use the mobile app

  1. Activate the app to begin your parking session as soon as you park your vehicle within a designated parking lot.
  2. To start the session, key in your vehicle number, select the car park code and indicate the intended parking duration.
  3. Charges will be calculated on a per-minute basis.

Can parking coupons still be used?

These coupons can be used when you park your vehicle in HDB/ URA coupon car parks during designated parking hours. These coupons can only be used to park at a specific car park, and cannot be used in a different car park. … You can buy a Whole Day Parking Coupon if you wish to park for an entire day.

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How do I pay by phone parking in the car?

Call us

  1. Call the number posted on signage. Dial the PayByPhone service number displayed on parking meters and signs.
  2. Respond to the prompts. Existing users will be prompted to enter the 4 or 5 digit location number, and parking time required. …
  3. Wait for your parking to be confirmed. …
  4. Extend your parking anytime*

Where can I park for free in Singapore?

Free All-Day Parking

Free All-Day Parking Mon to Fri
Reflections at Bukit Chandu All-day
Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum
Sentosa Costa Sands Resort
The Singapore Mint

How much is parking in Singapore?

Rates are updated as of May 2021.

Car Park Weekdays before 5/6pm
Singapore Shopping Centre 8am-8pm: $2.50 for 1st hr; $1.25 for sub. ½ hr
Tanglin Mall 6am-5pm: $2.40 for 1st hr; $1.20 for sub. 30 mins
Tanglin Shopping Centre 8am-5.59pm: $3.50 for 1st hr; $1.75 for sub. ½ hr

How does parking app work?

The car owner enters the vehicle number in the app and books a spot. When he reaches the parking lot, a sensor will read the license plate and feed it in the database. The app will then guide the owner to the dedicated spot. Parking fee can be paid through the app itself.

Where can I buy car park coupons in Singapore?

Where Can I Buy Parking Coupons? You can buy $0.60, $0.65, $1.20, $2.40 and $5.00 (Night) parking coupons at Cheers, 7-Eleven, most petrol kiosks and any appointed authorised sale outlets (all approved sales outlets will display the authorized coupon signboard at their premises).

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How much is HDB parking per hour?

For car parks implemented with EPS, parking charges are still based on the current coupon parking charges, that is, 60 cents per half an hour for non-restricted area car parks, and $1.20 per half an hour for restricted area car parks. The only difference is that the charges are now calculated on a per-minute basis.

How much is parking at HDB?

Monthly Season Parking Charges

Location/ Type of Car Park Season Parking Charges
Restricted Zone (Surface/ Kerbside) $80 $15
Restricted Zone (Sheltered)1 $110 $17
Designated Area (Surface/ Kerbside) $80 $15
Designated Area (Sheltered)1 $110 $17

What do you do with old parking coupons?

A: Motorists can bring their old parking coupons to HDB Branches/Service Centres (except the Tampines Branch) and The URA Centre, and exchange them for the new ones by topping up the new value. Motorists can also get cash refunds for their old coupons there.

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