Your question: How long can a Canadian stay in Myanmar?

The online tourist visa allows stays of up to 28 days at a time, whereas, the Burma business visa allows longer stays, up to 70 days at a time.

Do Canadian citizens need a visa for Myanmar?

Yes. Canadian passport holders will need a visa to enter Myanmar. … The Myanmar visa can only be used to enter at the Yangon, Mandalay, and Nap Pyi Taw International airports. Visas are valid for a Single Entry only and expire 90 days after issued.

How long can foreigners stay in Myanmar?

Once you enter Myanmar, you can stay for up to 28 days or 70 days, depending on the type of visa you have. You can stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days if you have a: Tourist Visa. Social Visit Visa.

How long can you stay in Myanmar?

The Myanmar tourist visa is valid for entry for three months from the date of issue. It is valid for a stay of up to 28 days and is not extendable. The Myanmar business visa is valid for entry to Myanmar for three months from the date of issue (six months for multiple entry).

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What happens if you overstay your visa in Myanmar?

Travelers who overstay their visa are required to pay a fine of $3 per day upon departure at the Airport Immigration Office. An over-stay greater than 30 days increases the fee to $5 per day.

How can I move to Canada from Myanmar?

How to immigrate out of Myanmar (formerly Burma) to Canada?

  1. Live and work in Canada from Myanmar (formerly Burma)
  2. Enter and leave the Country as they so choose without the need for further visas.
  3. Access medical care.
  4. Access the Canadian Education system for their Children.

Can Canadians go to Myanmar?

The Myanmar government has created a visa-on-arrival program to allow select business travellers, including Canadians, to obtain a business visa upon arrival at the Yangon International Airport.

Can I go to Myanmar without visa?

The immigration policy of Myanmar currently states that there are no foreign nationals who can enter Burma without a visa. … This eVisa allow holders to visit Myanmar for purposes of either tourism or business. The period of permitted period of stay is 28 days for tourism, or 70 days for business.

Can tourists enter Myanmar?

Yes, Myanmar has a visa on arrival available which has roughly the same requirements as the Myanmar Tourist eVisa. The Myanmar visa allows you to visit as a tourist for 28 days in Total.

Can foreigners visit Myanmar?

Any foreign national with valid entry visa may enter and exit to/from Myanmar only at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw International Airports in accordance with the existing rules and regulations. If you are visiting Myanmar via cruise, please contact your tour agent for Pre-arrangement Visa on Arrival.

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Is Myanmar cheaper than Thailand?

Overall, despite accommodation and tour costs being slightly higher than those in Thailand, Myanmar is still a very affordable destination.

What is the best month to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar is during the dry season (October-May), when the whole country is accessible and temperatures are warm, ranging from 72°F to 100°F. However, Myanmar has a lot to offer year-round and you can travel there every month except September (when it’s very wet).

Is Myanmar safe female solo Travellers?

If you’re a female travelling alone and have already been to other countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar won’t be much of a shock. Women find the country quite safe if they stick to the tourist trail. Some may experience stares by some of the men in the more rural parts of the country.

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