Your question: What can I do with a mechanical engineering degree in Malaysia?

What can Mechanical Engineering do in Malaysia?

Mechanical engineers are employed in industry, business, government and universities. Possible career options include consulting engineer; industrial engineer; plastics fabrication engineer; test engineer; automotive engineer; manufacturing engineer; design engineer; research and development engineer.

Is Malaysia good for mechanical engineers?

The best universities in Malaysia have been recognized by various accreditors locally and internationally. Graduates of mechanical engineering from Malaysia have been recognized by various companies and institutions in the fields of machinery, robotics, and mechatronics with an international career path.

What kind of jobs can you get with a mechanical engineering degree?

What Careers are Available with a Mechanical Engineering Degree?

  1. Mechanical Engineer. …
  2. Industrial Engineer. …
  3. Automotive Engineer. …
  4. Biomedical Engineer/Medical Biotechnologist/Biotechnology Engineer. …
  5. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineer. …
  6. Mechanical Engineering Technician.

Are Mechanical Engineers in demand in Malaysia?

Engineering Fields that are high in demand in Malaysia

According to the report, the demand is highest for: Mechanical Engineers, next is Electrical, Civil, Electronic and finally Chemical.

Which university is best for mechanical engineering in Malaysia?

Study Mechanical Engineering that’s Accredited by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) at the Best Private Universities in Malaysia

  • Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.
  • University of Nottingham Malaysia.
  • Multimedia University (MMU)
  • Taylor’s University.
  • University of Wollongong Malaysia (UOWM) KDU Utropolis Glenmarie.
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Which subject is best for mechanical engineering?

Maths and physics are generally the most important subjects for mechanical engineering, but many students manage to get on a course without having studied them. Showing a strong personal profile can sometimes be just as important as an academic one.

Is mechanical engineering better than electrical?

Answer. As both are the good and most demanding branches among students, also students should choose the one as per their interest and potential. As Electrical engineering is the bridge between computer science and mechanical engineering. … So if you want to work for your salary but be in high demand, EE is the place.

Is mechanical engineering hard?

The field of mechanical engineering ranks as one of the hardest majors in part because of its technical requirements. Students must take advanced mathematics and science courses as part of their training.

What should I do to become a mechanical engineer?

To get hired as a mechanical engineer, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, or a related field. Some employers might require a master’s or doctoral degree, particularly for research or teaching positions.

What are the best jobs for mechanical engineers?

These are some examples of jobs where a mechanical engineering credential is valuable, according to experts.

  • Petroleum engineer.
  • Process engineer.
  • Product designer.
  • Quality engineer.
  • Sales engineer.
  • Structural engineer.
  • Technology specialist.
  • Thermal engineer.

Is mechanical engineering is easy?

Engg would be easy to you. The concepts in mechanical engineering are very interesting to learn, but the syllabus is quite huge. One cannot comprehend the vastness of Mechanical Engineering. This is where most students find it difficult.

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