Your question: What is the meaning of Kan goo in Thailand?

What does Kan goo meaning in Thai?

Kan Goo literally means to separate me / to come between me.

What does Koo Gan mean?

They play word in novel and there’re meaning Kan Goo = there’re something come between us Koo Gan = 2gether/pair (No matter what ,we always 2gether )

What Saraleo means?

@jeffreyluces saraleo is.. “asshole”

As for Saraleo, we use this word to describe a bad person. In 2gether, Sarawat has a younger brother named Phukong which means a police captain.

What does Tay mean in Thailand?

เท /tay/ means “to pour” A formal language for “someone has been dumped” is โดนทิ้ง /doan tíng/, but if you want to communicate nuances of meaning or emotion better than formal language you can use the slang “โดนเท /doan tay/“. This phrase can also be used when someone stood you up as well.

How do you say together in Thai?

Example : 1.

What is the meaning of Kangoo?

Here is kangoo meaning in English: fiesta.

What is Y couple mean?

In Thai, the term for a romantic partner is fan (แฟน: faen), a relexification of the English word “fan,” a person devoted to a celebrity. Thais have also refashioned the kawaii-ness of khu-wai, or “Y couples” (taking the y from the Japanese term yaoi) to create local “boys love” (BL) celebrities.

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Is Thailand a state?

Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย), known formerly as Siam and officially as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia.

What does Shia mean in Thai?

One english translation is “damn it!” –

How do you insult someone in Thai?

Koh Rang Yai

  1. Insults. stupid. …
  2. kwai. This is the Thai word for buffalo. …
  3. nah gliat. This is a funny one. …
  4. kee nee-ow. This phrase means stingy or tight with money. …
  5. ‘kee nok’ and ‘kee ngok’ These two insults probably cause more confusion and debate than any others. …
  6. ai & ee. These are insulting titles. …
  7. Swear Words.
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