Your question: What is the population of Vietnam by age?

Demographics of Vietnam
0–14 years 23.55% (male 11,909,326/female 10,735,324) (2017 est.)
15–64 years 70.33% (2017 est.)
65 and over 6.12% (male 2,281,923/female 3,601,075) (2017 est.)
Sex ratio

What is the age distribution in Vietnam?

Vietnam: Age structure from 2010 to 2020

Characteristic 0-14 years 65 years and older
2019 23.21% 7.55%
2018 23.17% 7.27%
2017 23.1% 7.03%
2016 23.04% 6.82%

Is Vietnam overpopulated 2020?

Currently, Vietnam’s population is 97.3 million people, a number expected to hit 100 million by the end of 2024. Vietnam’s population is projected to hit its peak of 109.78 million people in 2054. Vietnam’s population is increasing by about 1% each year, adding about 1 million people per year.

What percentage of Vietnam is poor?

Based on a report from the Asian Development Bank, Vietnam has a total population of 91.70 million as of 2015, about one million people more compared to the previous year. In 2016, 5.8% of the population lived below the national poverty line; in 2019, the unemployment rate was 2.0%.

Is Vietnam still communist?

Government of Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a one-party state. A new state constitution was approved in April 1992, replacing the 1975 version. The central role of the Communist Party was reasserted in all organs of government, politics and society.

Why is aging population a problem?

A rapidly aging population means there are fewer working-age people in the economy. This leads to a supply shortage of qualified workers, making it more difficult for businesses to fill in-demand roles. … To compensate, many countries look to immigration to keep their labor forces well supplied.

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