Best answer: Which is the busiest MRT station in Singapore?

The crème of the crop – Raffles Place is CBD and hence, the busiest of all MRT station.

How fast is Singapore MRT?

Mass Rapid Transit (Singapore)

Minimum radius of curvature 400–500 m (1,312.34–1,640.42 ft) (mainline), 190 m (623.36 ft) (depot)
Electrification 750 V DC third rail 1,500 V DC overhead catenary
Top speed 78–90 km/h (48–56 mph) (service) 90–100 km/h (56–62 mph) (design)
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Which MRT station has the most exits?

Raffles Place Station has 10 exits


Why is bencoolen MRT so deep?

The reason why it’s so deep is mainly because the Bencoolen area has many buildings which posed an engineering challenge. To add on to that challenge, the existing Circle Line tunnel is just right above. Bencoolen station is indeed a unique MRT station giving easy access to the quiet Bencoolen district.

Can I drink water on MRT?

Can I eat and drink in trains and stations? No, it is not permitted. In 1987, the Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) Act was established by Parliament and it was declared that no food or drink was to be consumed in MRT trains and stations.

Does MRT use fuel?

The transport sector consumes about 5 per cent of electricity in Singapore, with a big chunk going to the MRT, based on official 2005 figures. … Each MRT passenger generates a carbon footprint of 13.2g per kilometre, compared with 73g by bus and 118g by car, based on figures from transport operator SMRT.

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