How do you compliment a girl in Indonesian?

How do you compliment someone in Indonesia?

“compliment” in Indonesian

  1. komplimen.
  2. pujian.
  3. hadiah.

How do you say beautiful girl in Indonesian?

Beautiful Girl Meaning in Indonesian

As English and Indonesian word have different noun word order, if translated as a whole into Indonesian, beautiful girl will mean “gadis cantik.”

How do you praise in Indonesia?

Some of these Indonesian compliments are easier than others to break down!

2. Complimenting in the Office

  1. Tetaplah membuat kemajuan! “Keep making progress!”
  2. Kerja bagus, maju terus dengan kliennya! “Good job, keep making progress with the client!”
  3. Luar biasa, semangat terus! “Outstanding, keep the pace strong!”

What is the Indonesian word for beautiful?

So, if combined together, you are beautiful is “kamu cantik” in Indonesian. Pronounce the phrase similar with the way it is written (ka-mu can-tik).

What is Banget?

The word banget is used in Indonesian meaning ugly,very,extremely,bored.

What is your name in Indonesian?

“What’s your name?” = “Siapa namamu?

What is Cantik?

Cantik means beautiful or gorgeous.

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