How much does it cost to microchip a cat in Malaysia?

How Much Does Microchipping Cost? While most vets in Malaysia are licensed to vaccinate and microchip your pets, the cost of microchipping isn’t standardized and varies from RM20 to RM30.

How much does it cost to microchip a cat?

A: The average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around $45, which is a one–time fee and often includes registration in a pet recovery database. If your pet was adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder, your pet may already have a microchip.

How much does it cost to vaccinate a cat in Malaysia?


Expense Dogs Cats
Vaccination RM50-100 per vaccine RM40-80 per vaccine
Deworming RM10-20 per tablet RM10-20 per tablet
Heartworm prevention RM15 per month (tablet)
Pet food RM50-200 per month RM50-200 per month

How much does it cost to neuter a cat in Malaysia?

Here’s a total estimated cost of owning your first cat

Adoption fee RM50
Feeding bowl RM30
Spay or neuter RM100
Cat food RM50
Vet check-up RM150

Is it worth it to microchip your cat?

Make sure your cat always makes her way back home with a microchip. Microchipping is a brilliant and cost-effect way to reunite lost pets with their owners. … But that’s not true, and both indoor and outdoor cats should be microchipped. Let’s talk about what microchips are and how they help your lost cat get home.

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How long does a chip last in a cat?

How long do microchips last? Microchips are designed to work for 25 years.

Can I microchip my cat myself?

Never inject your cat with a microchip on your own. This is illegal in many states and can cause you to have legal measures taken against you. There are sellers who will sell you a microchip without going through a veterinary office, but you should never implant these devices yourself.

Is it costly to have a cat?

The ASPCA estimates that the capital costs for a cat are around $365 including initial medical care and spaying or neutering. * Of course, this number can vary quite a bit depending on the items you decide to purchase. … Collar and ID tag – Even indoor cats should wear a collar and ID tag in case they get outside.

How much does a vaccine cost for cat?

The average cost of cat vaccinations are about $20 for a rabies vaccine, $35 for a 3 in 1 vaccine, $34 for the Feline Leukemia Vaccine, and $37 for the PureVax® Rabies according to VippetCare.

How much it costs to own a cat?

Lifetime Expenses

Expense First Year Cost Following Years Cost
Cat sitters or boarding $100-$300 $100-$300
Pet deposit (apartment) $0-$400 $0-$400
Average monthly cost $46-$284 $35-$260
Average yearly cost $555-$3,405 $425-$3,120

What is the vaccination schedule for cats?

Vaccination Schedule for Cats: Core and Non-core Vaccines

Cat Vaccine Initial Kitten Vaccination (at or under 16 weeks)
Rabies Single dose as early as 8 weeks of age, depending on the product. Revaccinate 1 year later
Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia) As early as 6 weeks, then every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks of age
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How much do injections cost for kittens?

Vaccinations. To help protect kittens they will need their first lot of ‘primary’ vaccinations at nine weeks and three months old – these cost an average of £63. From this point forward, cats usually require a ‘booster’ vaccine every 12 months.

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