How much is Ferrero Rocher in the Philippines?

Top 10 products Price Store
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 16pcs ₱ 265.00 Lazada
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24pcs ₱ 429.00 Lazada
Ferrero Rocher Collection Chocolate ₱ 299.00 Lazada
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – Pack Of 24 ₱ 669.00 Shopee

How much is perero in the Philippines?

This classic, opulent chocolate brand can always be found during the most special of occasions.

Top Ferrero Rocher Price List 2021.

Top 10 products Price Store
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 30pcs ₱ 600.00 Shopee
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate ₱ 100.00 Shopee

Why Ferrero Rocher is so tasty?

The combination of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate makes the flavour out of the world. … The whole roasted hazelnut inside the creamy chololate shell and the crunchy wafer outside makes it ridiculous delicious. The chocolate is quite expensive but we can have once in a while for its delicious taste and treat ourselves.

How much is Kisses Chocolate in Philippines?

Top Hershey’s Chocolates Philippines Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolate ₱ 135.00 Shopee
Hersheys Sale!!! Usa Kisses Assorted ₱ 235.00 Shopee
Hershey’s Hersheys Kisses Milk Chocolate (Share Pack) ₱ 235.00 Shopee
Hershey’s Hersheys Milk Chocolate XL 124g ₱ 129.00 Lazada

How much is Kitkat in Philippines?

Top Kitkat Groceries Philippines Price List 2021

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Top 10 products Price Store
Kitkat Original Mini ₱ 155.00 Shopee
Kitkat Sale! Bar Chocolate170G ₱ 229.00 Shopee
Kitkat Mini Pack ( 12 Pcs ) ₱ 135.00 Shopee
Kitkat 4F Milk Chocolate 10 X 45G & Mini (109G/ 146.9G/ 135.6G/ 450G)❣️❣️) ₱ 280.00 Shopee

How much is Toblerone 100G in Philippines?

Toblerone chocolates are some of the best chocolate bars in the Philippines, along with top-notch brands like Cadbury, Goya, Hershey’s, M&M, Beryl’s, and Meiji.

Top Toblerone Chocolates Philippines Price List 2021.

Top 10 products Price Store
Toblerone 100% Original 100G ( 2 For 160 ) ₱ 160.00 Shopee

What is the most expensive chocolate?

Amedei Porcelana

  • Amedei Porcelana, a dark chocolate made by the Amedei chocolatier of Tuscany, Italy, was called the world’s most expensive chocolate. …
  • Amedei Porcelana is made from translucent, white cocoa beans of a variety now called “Porcelana” due to its porcelain-like color.

How much does Ferrero Rocher cost?

₹499.00 Fulfilled FREE Delivery.

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