How much is the fare from Manila to Pampanga?

The cheapest way to get from Metro Manila to Province of Pampanga is to drive which costs ₱280 – ₱410 and takes 54 min. What is the fastest way to get from Metro Manila to Province of Pampanga? The quickest way to get from Metro Manila to Province of Pampanga is to taxi which costs ₱1,000 – ₱1,300 and takes 54 min.

How much is bus from Manila to Pampanga?

Manila to Pampanga by bus

The bus trip takes approximately 3 hours. A ticket for one trip will cost on average 10 USD. Also, it will cost 8 USD to get to your destination by bus, if you choose the cheapest solution. During your bus trip you will have 20 stopovers.

How long is the bus ride from Manila to Pampanga?

Angeles City is about 90 km from Manila, and it takes about 2-3 hours by bus to get to Dau Bus Terminal in Angeles, depending on the traffic. Major bus companies leaving from Pasay and Cubao, such as Victory Liner, Five Stars, Philippine Rabbit, and Philtranco have frequent trips to Dau and Clark International Airport.

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How can I go from Manila to Pampanga?

Travel to Pampanga from Manila via the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), then take either the San Fernando Exit or the Angeles Exit. The San Fernando Exit will take you to the provincial capital. Manila to Pampanga is about 2-3 hours. Ride a bus from Cubao or Pasay going to Dau and Clark International Airport.

Is there a bus going to Manila from Pampanga?

Genesis Transport operates a bus from San Fernando, Pampanga to Manila Cubao hourly. Tickets cost ₱180 – ₱260 and the journey takes 1h 38m.

How much is the bus fare from Manila to Clark airport?


Origin Destination Price
NAIA Terminal 1 Clark Airport ₱430
NAIA Terminal 2 Clark Airport ₱430
NAIA Terminal 3 Clark Airport ₱430
Ortigas Clark Airport ₱430

How much is the fare from Manila to Olongapo?

Victory Liner operates a bus from Manila Sampaloc to Olongapo hourly. Tickets cost ₱200 – ₱250 and the journey takes 3h 15m.

Do I need travel pass from Manila to Pampanga?

For those who plan to travel between provinces or regions, say from Metro Manila to Pampanga, those people must still secure travel passes from their respective LGUs. That authorization will be issued by the directors of the five police districts in the capital.

How do you pay for a P2P bus?

How do I pay for P2P bus service?

  1. You can pay in Cash at most P2P bus stations, at the booth before boarding the bus.
  2. Many routes also use a Beep Card, a load card you can purchase and top-up at the bus station too or at many other outlets such as 7-Eleven or FamilyMart stores.
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Is Pampanga safe?

Crime rates in Pampanga, Philippines

Level of crime 41.32 Moderate
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 33.01 Low
Worries home broken and things stolen 41.05 Moderate
Worries being mugged or robbed 47.30 Moderate
Worries car stolen 34.24 Low

Is Clark part of Pampanga?

Clark Global City is also part of the Clark Freeport Zone.

Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone.

Country Philippines
Region Central Luzon
Provinces Pampanga and Tarlac
Cities and municipalities (portions) Pampanga Angeles Mabalacat Porac Tarlac Bamban Capas

What makes Pampanga unique?

Its creation in 1571 makes it the first Spanish province in the Philippines. The Province of Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines. … Kapampangan cuisine is widely thought to be among the most evolved and refined of Philippine culinary traditions.

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