Question: Where is the jungle in the Philippines?

The Sierra Madre Mountains found on the island of Luzon are home to the largest track of virgin jungle in the Philippines, constituting approximately 40 percent of the country’s total forest cover. The remainder of tropical rain forest in the Philippines is found on the islands of Mindanao and Palawan.

How much of Philippines is jungle?

Among plants, the number is around 40 percent. Only about 5 percent of the Philippines land area is under some form of protection.

A closer look at the forests of the Philippines.

Forest gain 1.5%
Forest loss 4605
Total land area 134806

Are there tigers in the Philippines?

(2008) found evidence of tiger (Panthera tigris) range contraction in the Philippines. Their study indicates that tigers were once widespread across the Sunda shelf, the continental shelf that connected peninsular Malaysia, the Philippines, and part of Indonesia to Asia. … …

Why is the Philippines much hotter than the Canada the Philippines?

Philippines is hotter than Canada because Philippines is near at the equator which means that the Philippines has a high temperature limit and it is on the tropical zone that it can’t even snow in the Philippines.

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