What does Dinky Dau mean in Vietnamese?

What is Di Di Mau mean?

Origin of di-di-mau

From Vietnamese đi đi mau (“go quickly”). Borrowed into English by American military personnel returning from the Vietnam War, as well as by Vietnamese immigrants; popularized by the movie The Deer Hunter.

What is Dinky Dau mean?

Dien-Cai-Dao: (Pronounced “dinky-dow”). Vietnamese for “crazy”. They say all Americans are a little dinky-dow and all Australians are beaucoup dinky-dow.

What does too boo coo mean?

slang. : great in quantity or amount : many, much spent beaucoup dollars.

What does the word BooKoo mean in Vietnamese?

The slang term “bookoo” means that you have plenty or a lot of something. It means an overabundance of things. Origin of BooKoo.

What does Di Di mean in Chinese?

弟弟 : younger brother… : dì di | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What does fragging mean in Vietnam?

Fragging: When Soldiers In Vietnam Revolted Against Their Officers By Murdering Them With Grenades.

What does Didi Mao mean in Vietnamese?

“Didi mao” (pronounced “dee-dee mahew” (rhymes with cow) is US Military/Vietnamese slang for “go away” or “bug out” or “get out of here”.

Why do Americans say beaucoup?

“Boo coo” translates to “very much” or “plenty.”” “Beaucoup,” pronounced as “bookoo,” was commonly used by Americans in France during both World Wars. It was used in Vietnam by both the American troops and civilian Vietnamese.

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What is a Booku?

Booku. Lots of something, or much in quality.

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