What does WA mean in Thai?

Wa (Thai: วา [wāː], also waa or wah, abbreviated ว.) is a unit of length, equal to two metres (2 m) or four sok (ศอก.)

What does Arai Wa mean in Thai?

Just kidding. You’re right! Arai Wa is slang, means “Really?” I hope you don’t think the Na in Bang Na is the same word though…

What does Na ja mean in Thai?

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The modal verb “na ja” (น่าจะ) is used for saying what was the right thing to do when you realize that someone did not do it. It is used before the main verb.

What does Arai na mean?

Arai” in general means “What” Arai = usually gives the emotional tone of the speaker ranging between feeling neutral to annoyed by the subject and/or the person in the conversation. Arai na = The speaker wants you to repeat whatever you just said.

What does Kha Khun mean?

3 – Thank You in Thai: Khop Khun kha/khap

The Thai word for thank you is khop khun. It is perhaps the most important Thai word to learn. Thais are polite and khop khun is a response that is always appreciated.

What does Shia mean in Thai?

One english translation is “damn it!” –

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How do you say Arai Wa in Thai?

ARAI NA อะไรนะ – What is it? (NA นะ is a polite particle or softener). ARAI WA อะไรวะ – What the hell do you want? (WA วะ – Impolite particle). Or: PAI NAI MAI JA ไปไหนมาจ๊ะ – Where have you been, dear? (JA จ๊ะ can be used as a polite, caring particle).

Is Arai a Japanese surname?

Arai (written: 新井 or 荒井) is a Japanese surname. “新井” means “new residence.” Notable people with the surname include: Akino Arai (born 1959), Japanese singer and lyricist.

What does Saraleo meaning?

@jeffreyluces saraleo is.. “asshole”

As for Saraleo, we use this word to describe a bad person. In 2gether, Sarawat has a younger brother named Phukong which means a police captain.

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