What is the water quality in Laos?

Lao PDR has rich water resources, mainly good quality fresh water. Water is an essential part of the life and culture of Lao people, and also contributes to the socio-economic development goals of the country.

Does Laos have good water?

More than 85% of the land lies within the Mekong River Basin. About 80% of Laotians work in agriculture and live in rural areas. Water quality in Laos is an essential part of life and development in the country. The usage of water in Laos is 82% agricultural, 10% industrial, and 8% domestic.

What is the main factor contributing to the water shortage in Laos?

1 Laos is heavily dependent on freshwater from the Mekong River with 97 percent of the people getting their water needs from this important water source. The fall- ing water levels of the Mekong, partly accelerated by climate change, are thus a major developmental, health, and economic concern.

Is there an ocean in Laos?


Laos is a landlocked nation. The closest sea is the Gulf of Tonkin of the Pacific Ocean.

Is Laos a poor or rich country?

Despite its growth, Laos remains one of the poorest countries in the world, with a gross domestic product equal to less than 3% of neighboring Thailand, and less than 1% of the United States. About one-third of Laos’ population are living below the poverty line.

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Is Laos poorer than Cambodia?

Lao has a higher per capita income than Cambodia.

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