How much rice is consumed in Thailand?

Market Year Domestic Consumption Growth Rate
2016 12000 31.87 %
2017 11000 -8.33 %
2018 11800 7.27 %
2019 12300 4.24 %

How much rice does Thailand produce?

Production volume of rice Thailand 2011-2020

In 2019, the production volume of rice in Thailand was round 24 million tons. Such value was forecasted to be around 25 million tons in 2020. In that same year, the yield of rice per rai in the country was also forecasted to be 445 kilograms.

Thailand has long been known as the “rice bowl of Asia.” Rice is not only Thailand’s most staple and consumed food it is also a central part of Thai culture. … Rice has been an integral part of Thai culture and history for thousands of years, so long that it’s believed to predate Buddhism.

Are there rice fields in Thailand?

Rice environments. Rice production in Thailand can be classified into four ecosystems; irrigated, rainfed lowland, deepwater, and upland. Rainfed lowland is the most predominant, followed by irrigated, deepwater, and upland.

Is rice from Thailand safe?

“Although the rice packaging shown in the video is not from Thailand, we, on behalf of the Government of Thailand, wish to assure that the rice supplied and sold in this country is absolutely safe for human consumption,” the Royal Thai Embassy said in a statement.

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Why is Thai rice so good?

One advantageous property of Thai rice over other types is its ability to retain its moisture content, nutrition, and taste long after it has been cooked.

Why do Thai people eat so much rice?

The importance of rice in Thai cooking and indeed, Thai culture can be put down to its incredible nutritious value – rice is a wonderful source of nourishment and it can be grown in huge quantities, which is why so many Asian countries are able to sustain such large populations when compared to similar sized countries …

Is Thailand still exporting rice?

As a result, Thailand has fallen to the third largest rice exporter in the world, after India and Vietnam. Exacerbated by Covid supply chain shocks, Thailand exported just 5.72 million tonnes of the grain, a 24.5% decrease from 2019.

Where does rice grow in Thailand?

Rice is grown in all provinces of the country (more than 58 provinces). More than 50 percent of the total rice areas are in the northeast, but the Central Plains is known as the “rice bowl” of Thailand.

Does Thailand produce basmati rice?

Both countries export fragrant (basmati for India and jasmine for Thailand), parboiled, and regular white rice.

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