Is Thai silk natural silk?

Silkworms eating mulberry leaves in Ban Phon, Kalasin Province. Mulberry is the only food they’ll eat. All Thai silk is made from mulberry silk. Before the silk worm can leave it’s cocoon and metamorphose into a moth, the pods are collected and heated, killing the silk worm inside.

What makes Thai silk different?

Thai silks are a symbolism of unique lustre, different blends and sheen. … The distinctive technicality is that the warp and weft are of the different colour, which gives Thai silk its sheen and lustre, and makes it exclusive in terms of colour tones and blends.

What is the elements of Thai silk?

Answer: Double-toned silk, woven with a different color for the warp and weft produces a shifting, shimmery effect. Striped Thai silk uses alternating rough and smooth silk threads to produce a distinctive pattern in the fabric.

Is Thai silk washable?

Thai silk can be washed in lukewarm water but only with the mildest soap, then rinse the silk in vinegar to retain its original luster and allow it to drip dry in the shade. Thai silk should be ironed on the inside just before it is dry or else put a damp cloth over the silk and iron.

Is shantung silk real silk?

Silk Dupioni, also referred to as Silk Douppioni or Silk Dupion, along with its close relative Silk Shantung is the most heavily used silk fabric in the market today. Approximately 65% of all silks produced are Silk Dupioni or Shantung.

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